Blog #5

30% OFF ON JOKE SCRATCH CARDS!! Hey guys! so not only are we going to blog about another awesome product this week, this week we are also offering you guys 30% of the product that we blog about! So magicians and performers are forever being asked ‘can you magic me some money?’ now as great […]


BUY THESE TATTOOS HERE  – Hey guys! Its that time of the week again, it’s time for a blog! so last week we did something a little different, rather than doing a product review we did an info blog about us here at Diablo Magic and Easy Magic. Now you guys know a little bit […]


Hey guys, so I think we’re finally getting a feel for this blogging business! last week we wrote a blog about the amazing light up thumb tips and gave you guys a bit of an insight on just how versatile they are!  so seems as we’ve talked mainly just about products, we thought we’d tell […]


Home   Hey guys, so after joining the blogging scene a little while ago fingers crossed you guys are enjoying the blogs! Following the blog last week on the awesome bitten and restored coin, I have decided this week to blog about one of my favourite magic products…. Light up thumb tips (also known as […]


BUY THIS COIN HERE –   So guys we have decided to join the blogging scene! every week will release a new blog in correspondence with our YouTube video that comes out weekly. Each week we will share a new trick or routine with you guys on YouTube and blog about the product in the […]